Why I love Affiliate Marketing and Why You Should Too

Thought I would step away from the camera today and actually write a post.

I was thinking earlier about how much I love affiliate marketing over every other online business model (trust me I’ve tried a few).

I find a product I want to promote, I get my unique affiliate link assigned to me, I send targeted traffic to that link and BOOM I get paid.

It really is that simple.

But you are slightly limited with what you can do.

I can promote all the $27 products I want but even if I get a 75% commission (which is pretty high) then I’ll still only walk away with just over $20 per sale. And I have to do that again and again to keep earning the same $20.

It can equate to a lot of work that you keep having to repeat.

So. What’s the answer?

Find a funnel to promote where you earn commissions every step of the way.

Let me explain.

As you have probably seen , most products you buy, especially in the internet marketing space, lead you into another more expensive product called an upsell. Some find it annoying but it’s there for a very good reason. It generates a lot more money for the vendor.

Providing it is closely related to the first product (front end) then a percentage of people who buy will also take the upsell.

As an affiliate, promoting funnels like this will do wonders for your bottom line as you SHOULD get a commission on every step of the funnel.

Ok. Now for the REALLY good news.

What if you could promote a funnel that doesn’t just have ONE upsell.

What if it had several.

Imagine how much more money you would make for the same amount of work.

What if you could promote a funnel that not only paid you commissions on the front end and first upsell but also had a continuity program and a high ticket product on the back end.

So you could potentially earn a monthly recurring income and 4 figure commissions as well.

For the same amount of work.

This is why I LOVE affiliate marketing.

If you are currently making money as an affiliate and you want to super-charge your commissions.

Or even if you are just getting started

Then you need to check this out

Big Commission Blueprint

All affiliate marketer’s need this in their lives.

You also get full training on how to drive traffic.

What more could you ask for?

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Big Commission Blueprint

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