What John Travolta Can Teach You About List Building

Without a doubt one of my favourite actors of all time. Although this isn’t ‘Internet Marketing’ related John Travolta does give some interesting insights into how he got to the ‘top’ of his game. Also pay close attention to the last minute where he reveals his experience when a critic told him to quit acting. Listen closely to his response, the indestructible self belief he had at the age of 16 is undoubtedly one of the reasons he is so successful.

Also take note of his comment ‘you have to ascertain whether or not the person giving you help, is the right source for that help’. This is a massive problem in the whole ‘make money online’ industry. Too many ‘newbies in guru clothing’ (quote of ben settle) spouting out re-hashed,false information that doesn’t work.

If you are serious about building an email list, stop listening to all the ‘out-dated’ systems that don’t work. Check out http://dancraigmarketing.com/guerrilla-list-building. The only proven ‘rinse and repeat’ system you will ever need.


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