Have I Been Wasting My Time Doing THIS?

I have a confession to make.

I’ve been pretty ‘sucky’ at this blogging thing.

Not intentionally, you know how it is, sometimes we get so busy doing ‘other stuff’ online we neglect the central point of our online business.

Well, that stops right now.

I’m not saying I’m turning into a ‘pro-blogging powerhouse’ or anything but I’m certainly going to be more consistent.

If you have thought about starting your own blog but are overflowing with self-doubt asking yourself questions such as ‘who’s going to care what I have to say’ then you’re not alone.

I used to think the very same thing. (and sometimes still do)

One piece of advice I was given by one of my mentors is to just be honest.

Be yourself.

If you want to go into the internet marketing space but have never made a single dime online then say that on your blog. The whole ‘fake it till you make it’ is a complete fallacy.

Don’t be a pretender. Don’t try and ‘fake’ your way to success.

The ironic thing about it is, being authentic, being real and showing people that you have had struggles makes you more relatable to your audience. This will result in them WANTING to follow you.

Ok enough of the ‘preach blogging’.

So what am I doing online at the moment? (besides blogging)

As you may or may not know I am heavily involved with Facebook Ads.

MY strategy was very simple.

FB AD>Squeeze Page>Front End Upsell>2nd Upsell.

And it was working ok (ish)

But somethings happened recently that has made me rethink my strategy.


CPC’S have started to increase, the cost of acquiring a customer has increased especially when advertising to ‘cold’ audiences (people who don’t know you) to the point where if it goes on much longer I’ll have to re-mortgage to fund my ad spend

This has lead to me doing some digging and I’ve stumbled across a new way to lower my CPC’s and cost-per-leads.

I call it ‘value driven marketing’.

Since the beginning of ‘internet marketing’ time the strategy has always been (nutshell version), you send traffic to a squeeze page, collect an email address, maybe present an upsell or two if you have them, but the key was getting the contact information.

You then nurture that subscriber by showing them a mixture of paid offers and free content, basically demonstrating how amazing you are and (hopefully) getting a ‘raving fan’ whilst making some sales.

However ‘value driven marketing’ is becoming a lot more effective.

The strategy works like this. You lead with VALUE on a social platform such as Facebook in the form of free content videos offering ABSOLUTELY NOTHING except some good content.

No CTA (call-to-action), No asking for email address, No ‘come to my site and buy my shit’.

Just good, helpful content that has NO ULTERIOR MOTIVE other than to help people.

The beauty of Facebook is you can measure how many people watched your ‘free content videos’ who will then be placed in a ‘custom audience.’

You can also record what percentage of the video was watched and split the custom audiences accordingly.

Once they are in your custom audiences, this is when you can start to show them your ‘offers’

Providing you are structuring your videos correctly (and there is a strategy for that) the relationship is built ‘before’ they join your list/buy your product/register for your webinar.

As you can see this has turned the old strategy on it’s head by building the bond with your audience first, THEN asking for the ‘next step’.

Don’t get me wrong I am NO expert at this strategy, I’m only at the beginning and I will share with you everything I learn along the way but I truly believe leading with ‘value’ is the way to go.

I’m still trying and testing lots of things but this is where my main focus is at the moment, leave me a comment below if you have any experience or if you would like to know more about this strategy.

Until next time

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