The Top 3 Things Marketer’s Say When They’re Lying

Back in 2014 I had the worst shiny object syndrome ever.

Every new course, every new plugin, every new ‘auto-site ranking software’ that landed in my inbox I was all over like a cheap suit.

I believed everything I read on every sales page, parted with thousands of dollars and had my fingers burnt more than once.  

Like the time I fell for the ‘buy ad packs, surf websites  and count your millions scam. (more on that in future emails)

and I’ve learnt a few tell-tale things marketer’s say  that should have your B.S detector going into overdrive.

See if you’ve heard any of them before….

1) ‘This is the only time you will see this offer’

Generally on a OTO (one-time-offer) page. The page you see after you have just opted into something or bought a lower priced ‘front-end’ product.

The problem is, it’s hardly ever the only time you get to see it. 

In fact, because of Facebook’s retargeting capabilities, the ‘OTO’ page is following me around the internet like a psycho ex.-girlfriend.

2) ‘this offer gets taken down at midnight’

I see this so often that I once actually went to the page at midnight to see if the page got taken down.

and guess what. It didn’t.

I think it’s even still up.

Just another false scarcity plea to get you jumping off the fence and scrambling for your wallet.

3) ‘This system is simple and easy to follow’

Let’s get this straight NOTHING about internet marketing is easy. Yes it may be simple but ultimately you have to work your arse off to get any measurable results.

I never met a single successful marketer who said ‘well, that was easy’

But if you are willing to put a bit off effort in and you’re sick and tired of hearing the same BS lies from the same shady marketers I’ve got some f’ree training you will want to check out.

This training is hosted by a good online buddy of mine who is revealing the exact system he’s been using to generate a massive $1800 a day for over 12 years.

Hurry, the offer self destructs in 60 seconds (I’m joking obviously)

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Talk soon


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