The Really Simple Way To Do Forum Marketing

Ok first thing’s first.

There’s nothing super sexy in this blog post.

There’s no ‘latest insider tip’ on Facebook Ads. There’s no ‘instant traffic tornado’ strategy (that was the cheesiest name I could think of).

There’s no whizz bang, instant traffic plugin that will have your virtual door coming off the hinges by a stampede of starving buyers.

But there is a tried and tested evergreen strategy that WILL see your website getting regular, targeted visitors every single day.

More traffic = More sales

Now be warned this strategy isn’t for the bone idle or anyone that suffers from what I call ‘lazy bastard-itis’ this takes work and plenty of it. (a bit like anything worth doing online) so if you are easily offended by hard graft or still think there’s a magic push button out there with your name on it then close this page now and don’t come back until you’ve woken up.

Still here? Great.

This strategy is not super sexy, it’s not flavour of the month, heck in fact sometime’s it can be downright soul destroying but let’s focus on what’s important it works.

So what am I referring to, well as the title suggests it’s ‘FORUM MARKETING’

If you are brand new to this then I will explain. Forum marketing is where you join forums and online discussion groups on your niche and you subtly lurk around and siphon traffic back to your website.

But there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it.

First let’s look at the wrong way.

1) Join hundreds of discussion groups and forums

2) Find some popular threads

3) Spam the shit out of them with your affiliate links screaming ‘buy my stuff, here’s a link’

4) Count your money

As ridiculous as that sounds some idiots still think this is the right way to do it.


Forums are delicate places with moderators that have their trigger fingers hovering over the ejector seat button just waiting for some unsuspecting spammer to cross a line and bang he’s gone.

So how do you do it properly?

First things first, you need to find them.

Do a Google search for ‘your niche + forum’ or ‘your niche + discussion’ and check out the listings.

Browse through the listings and find some busy,  active forums

I emphasize the word active. I have made the mistake before of reading posts and coming up with intelligent replies to questions only to find out no-one had been in there since 2006.

Choose 2 maybe 3 at a push and sign up.

There can be a process you have to go through, it may take a day or 2 for the moderators to approve your request but be patient.

Once you are in, start to lurk around and check out what questions are being asked. Find some questions that you can answer and leave long, detailed replies. Obviously don’t ramble for the sake of rambling otherwise it will have the reverse affect and you will bore people to death but the key is to add value to the forum by answering questions that people are asking.

It is a good idea to start you’re own long, content-rich posts but not when you first start. Interact with other forum members first by answering questions, if you go in firing content at everyone it can be seen as you blatantly trying to promote yourself. Once you have a good reputation built and are seen as a person of authority then you can write some content posts.

So where does the traffic come from? In your profile you have what’s called a signature file. This is a little box that will appear underneath every post you make. Inside this box you can add a clickable link to your website.

When people see you answering questions and participating in the forum they will naturally become curious and come and check you out.

The key is to go into the forum with NO ulterior motive other than to add value (there’s that value word again). Become a valued member of the community, a person of authority and you will see traffic come to your website naturally.

Only focus on 2 or 3 forums at a time , don’t spread yourself too thin.

As I said earlier in this post, this does take work. If the thought of work makes you come out in a rash then don’t try this strategy (or any other for that matter). Go and have a lie down until your ‘lazy bastard-itis’ clears up.

But if you are fully aware this online stuff takes hard work and dedication then follow this strategy to the letter and you will see results.

To be clear it isn’t an overnight instant traffic button but over time you will see steady flow of traffic. And the best part is,  it’s laser-targeted. No-one joins an online forum unless they are interested in the topic being discussed.

I still do this strategy myself and see real measurable results from it. So go out and get forum-ing

Until next time

Dan Craig OUT.





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