The Lake Of Whiz-Dom

Ever seen the movie Angry Birds?

I was bombarded in bed Sunday morning by both my kids and was forced
to watch it.

To my surprise, It’s Hilarious.

Bird island is invaded by Pigs who have a sinister plan to steal all the bird’s eggs.

‘Red’ the main bird and his friends from his anger management group make it their mission to stop the pigs.

But they can’t do it alone.

They turn to their childhood hero, the guy who’s poster they had on their walls as kids.

‘The Mighty Eagle’

He lives far up in the mountains, hidden from civilisation so they start the journey to seek him out.

After days and nights climbing they arrive at the ‘lake of wisdom’ above which the Mighty eagle is known to reside.

Legend has it, whoever ‘drinks from the wisdom lake’ is instantly blessed with intelligence and knowledge.

So the birds start to drink from the lake, gargling the water and washing themselves all over trying to increase their brain power.

A Mighty noise comes from the cave above so the birds dash behind a rock.

Then he appears……The Mighty Eagle.

Spreading his magnificent wings and puffing out his chest, all the birds look up in awe at their hero.

Until IT happens.

The Mighty Eagle, lets out an almighty groan then proceeds to pee into the lake.

Right where the birds were drinking.

‘Lake of wisdom? More like the lake of Whizz…’ says Red

We were crying with laughter

The birds are frantically tongue scrubbing and retching realising what they’ve been drinking.

The eagle walks back into his cave and beckons the birds up.

On closer inspection he is overweight, lazy and has NO desire to help them whatsoever.

And he tells them to get lost.

Kinda reminds me of the very first internet marketing coaching program I joined.

This guy was an online legend.

He made 6 figures a month.

He drove a lambo.

And he made it look so easy.

So I parted with the $5000 for his 52 week program.

Once he had my money, he kinda lost interest in me.

And like the birds, all I had at the end was a bad taste in my mouth.

Let me ask you

How many coaching programs have you joined that NEVER delivered on their promises?

How many video courses have you bought that turned out to be garbage?

Having been through my fair share of B.S products I know when a ‘blinder’ comes along.

If you have had enough of being confused and frustrated with starting an online business, drifting along
with no direction and struggling to make anything stick. I highly recommend you check this out.

Talk soon
P.S Warning-this reveals some serious truths in the internet marketing industry which may
p*** you off. Don’t say I didn’t warn you
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