The Biggest Mistake I’ve Made In My Business

I’ve had to make a few changes in my business over the past few weeks. I have been racking my brains with a particular campaign I was running which I just couldn’t get to work.

Here’s a quick overview of the campaign-

Traffic sent to an opt-in page giving away a free report 9 sure-fire ways to find a winning affiliate product to promote

After people opt-in they go to a front end offer The Affiliate Marketer’s Handbook

If they purchase they are sent to an upsell offer Guerrilla List Building

Traffic is fueled primarily from Facebook Ads but my cost-per-lead was coming in at around $5 which is way too much.

Myself and my FB ads guy have been banging our heads together, trying different ad sets, different interests, different ad images but nothing seemed to work. The cost-per-lead just wouldn’t go down.

After throwing too much money at this campaign we took a step back and looked at the whole thing when it suddenly dawned on us.

It’s the free giveaway.

I seemed to have broken one of my own rules. I have used common sense to come up with my free giveaway idea rather than letting the market tell me what they want. After doing more research I found there are a few people wondering what products to promote but it isn’t the most burning question being asked.

After some more digging I found one of the most burning questions is ‘how do I make money as an affiliate fast, with as little work as possible?’

As much as I hate this ‘I need to make money NOW by doing nothing’ mindset because it shows a lack of understanding about starting an online business there a few strategies that will make quick money which I have used myself in the past which require no website, no email list and no money invested.

It won’t make you a millionaire but you will see quick results. I had a campaign set up in less than 60 minutes and made money within a couple of hours of doing it which I recorded as a free case study

60 Minute copy and paste affiliate case study

This reveals exactly step by step how to copy the same system I used to set up that campaign and how anyone can do the same.

Like I said it won’t make you a millionaire but you will see fast results.

This free giveaway is working much better. It is still early days but it is making all the right noises so far. Cheap opt-ins and making sales.

So what have I learned from this whole experience?

I always believe in being persistent but sometimes when something isn’t working you need to take a step back and look at the WHOLE thing. But more importantly you need to react quickly which is what we didn’t do. We left it running for ‘just a few more days’ and made alterations to the wrong part of the campaign and when the results came in we didn’t make changes as quick as we should.

Key lesson- Always, always, always let your MARKET tell you what it wants, don’t assume you already know.

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