The Anatomy Of An Email

Email marketing has to be one of the hottest topics at the moment, and has been for some time. The dream of being able to generate thousands of dollars by just clicking ‘send’ is the aspiration of many wannabe marketers. However, if it was that simple everyone would be massively successful at it.

Unfortunately most people don’t understand the fundamentals of actually writing an email, which is why so few are successful.

I am not claiming to be some sort of expert, in fact I am very much a student of this subject, I don’t make millions online by sending a few emails a week but I have studied some of the ‘heavy hitters’ in this industry.

As always I like to share what I pick up on this blog

Let me break down all the parts of an email for you.

Your email is split up into 3 main sections.

  1. The subject line
  2. The body copy
  3. The landing page.

The subject line

The subject line has one job and one job only and that is to get the email opened.

Not to sell the product you’re promoting, not to hypnotize your readers with amazing ‘power words’. Just to get the damn thing OPEN.

When you are first getting started there are there are two different types you can use. There are many more but we will focus on these two in this blog post.

  1. Straight benefit subject line
  2. Curiosity subject line

The straight benefit subject line is exactly what it says on the tin. It tells the reader exactly what they will get when they open the email.

‘The really simple way to get started in affiliate marketing’

‘4 surefire ways to cure your golf slice’

‘How to get rid of belly fat’

There’s nothing clever, just straight and to the point. Your basically saying to your subscriber ‘If you open this email this is what you will get.’¬†Generally using a straight benefit subject line will decrease your open rates but will increase clicks and sales. The reason for this is the person opening the email is going to be more pre-qualified. Meaning only people who are directly interested in ‘getting rid of belly fat’ will actually open the email and click on your offer. Those who aren’t directly interested won’t open your email.

The curiosity subject line

These are my favourite type of subject line. They will naturally increase open rates as people will just want to know what the hell just landed in their inbox (if you do it right) but will generally decrease clicks and sales.

Here are a couple I have used which received high open rates-

‘Father Xmas, the tooth fairy and your first commission’

Is this the death of Facebook

‘You are being deleted’

‘My beef with Grant Cardone

Each one of these subject lines raises curiosity. They are so different from the usual hypey ‘make thousands of dollars by clicking a few buttons’ emails everybody usually receives.

As I said I’m not claiming to be an expert in writing the most amazing subject lines but I getting some good results with my emails. Some of my subject lines have hit nearly 20% open rates, which apparently is 3 times the industry standard.

In the next blog post, I’m going to be covering the next part of an email which is the body copy. The body copy also has ONLY one job whcih I will be diving into in my next blog post.

Catch you soon


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