The 7 Habits Of A Highly Effective Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is the one of the best business models in the digital marketing world. Anyone can get started quickly and easily and start making commissions within weeks if not days of getting their first campaign off the ground and some have gone on to make a very successful living in affiliate marketing.

But 99% of people still fail when trying to start an affiliate marketing business. Scary statistic right? That means only 1% ever make any decent money in this industry. You know it doesn’t have to be that way for you. I have a bit of an obsession with studying successful affiliates and I have seen some common habits that they all implement in their businesses which they all adhere their success to.

Habit 1- Treat affiliate marketing as a business not a hobby.

If you treat this like a hobby it will pay you like a hobby. You need to understand that this is a legitimate business that you are starting not a pottery class that you can dabble in anytime you feel like it. The reason some people treat affiliate marketing as a hobby is simple- they’re afraid of failing at it.

If they fail at what is seemed to be a hobby then it doesn’t really matter,  if they fail at what they admitted was a business venture they feel bad about themselves. No-one likes failing especially at starting a business. If it’s a hobby who cares right?

Habit 2-Work on your business every day consistently.

So many wannabe affiliates start off well. They do all the niche research, join all the affiliate programs even build their own blog. Then they kind of run out of steam. They write two posts on their blog and one on Facebook then just stop. they might go back every couple of days and dabble but never really get it going again. Or they start to make some sales, see the start of some success and then move onto something else. This business needs consistent attention every single day, especially when you are just starting out. Don’t lose momentum, have a weekly to do list and work on it EVERY DAY.

Habit 3- Realize you have to be a ‘jack of all’ trades

Successful affiliates know their job doesn’t just consist of blasting out affiliate links and counting cash. You need to have a wider range of skills in order to become successful. You need to have basic technical skills for setting up squeeze pages (don’t panic if the thought of this makes you hyperventilate, if I can do it then anyone can)

You need to be a researcher and have basic copy-writing skills for your content creating and your email marketing. Any idiot can write and send an email but you need these skills to write an email that will 1) get opened and 2) get clicks and 3) make sales.

You also need to have basic relationship building skills for when you are speaking to vendors or possibly other affiliates and also building the relationship with your subscribers.

Last but not least you need to know how to drive traffic. It’s not just a case of sign up to a program, create some links and send some traffic there’s more you need to know.

Habit 4- Always be building your list

The biggest mistake I made when starting out was sending traffic direct to vendors sales pages. Looking back now I can’t believe I was doing this. Out of 100 visitors maybe one or two would buy . The vendor would get the sign ups and I would get a measly commission but I wasn’t building anything.

As soon as the prospect left the vendors site they were gone forever. The only place you should be sending any traffic is to a lead capture page so you can follow-up, follow-up and follow-up again.

Habit 5-Put your subscriber’s needs before your commission cheques 

The biggest shortcut to affiliate failure is to put your needs before your subscribers. You need to take the focus off of selling to your subscribers and focus on helping them.

You need to understand their pains and frustrations, you need to know what keeps them awake at night and source products that will genuinely help them. Don’t just promote any old shit just because it pays you a big commission. This will destroy any good will you have built, it may make you more money in the short-term but will cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars long-term. People will only buy from marketers who they know, like and trust, it can take a long time to build this rapport with your subscribers and one bad promotion could ruin it completely.

You must always be delivering value and building trust.

Habit 6- Always look for the market before the products

Before you start looking for a product to promote. You need to find a niche of hungry buyers that are likely to buy multiple products from you. People who are passionate about a niche will definitely buy more than one product in that market.

Do you think guys who go fishing will only buy one book and read it for the rest of their lives. No, of course not. I must have read hundreds of personal development and business books but I am always ready to buy the next one….

Once you have found the market then you need to ensure any product you choose is actually going to sell. Check out my free report 9 Sure-fire ways to find a winning affiliate product to promote to make sure you pick the RIGHT product.

Habit 7- They realize the investment

Successful affiliates know that becoming successful will take some form of investment of time and money. Although the monetary costs are low, the time aspect can be a drag. You need to buy things such as domain names, hosting,  some form of software to build your squeeze pages, paid traffic, the list can go on. You need to keep an eye on your costs and make sure your commissions exceed your outgoings. Remember it’s a business.

Adopting these habits in your affiliate marketing business (not hobby) will increase the chances of you becoming a successful affiliate. In you go in half-arsed, just promote any old bullshit products to make a quick buck you’ll just churn and burn any list you manage to build, affiliate marketing is a serious business that will handsomely reward you if done properly.

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  • Abdul Rehman Mayet

    Reply Reply February 1, 2017

    Great article Dan.

    I would add that you don’t need to do or learn everything. If it is going to take you months to create a blog site, but you could pay someone a couple of hundred to build one for you in 7 days, which would you choose?

    Focus on your strengths and get others to do the things you are not good at 😀

    • Dan Craig

      Reply Reply February 1, 2017

      Hey Abdul. I 100% agree with you. If the task will take you too long to get it done then you should definitely outsource it

  • Rob J. Temple

    Reply Reply February 2, 2017

    Really great post, Dan. There’s a ton of simple shifts that people can easily inject into their lives to get better results from their affiliate campaigns – and it has nothing to do with the actual marketing strategies. It’s all just important mindset stuff. This is a great outline of how to get going.

    • Dan Craig

      Reply Reply February 2, 2017

      cheers dude.I would say 80% mindset and 20% mechanics. Thanks for your comments

  • Tony

    Reply Reply February 3, 2017

    Hi Daniel, great article, but I would like to know where you get your ‘99% of people still fail when trying to start an affiliate marketing business ’statistic. I hear it a lot, but I can’t find an authorative source for it. However its certainly true that so many fail and developing the habits you list WILL make a great difference.
    The hobby point is so important. I find that as I am my own ‘boss’ in my affiliate marketing business I can so easily let thinks slide. I have to keep reminding myself that this is a real business and will only deliver real results if we treat it as such. Of course part of the answer is in your point about working consistently. The more it becomes a habit, the easier it is to do the work. Tanya and I work together in our business, we have a weekly plan with what we need to do each day. That way we are able to hold each other accountable for keeping on track.
    On the list we both have things that we are better at than the other, and so we play to our strengths, but there are some things that neither of us do well. So whilst I agree that to some degree you need to be a jack of all trades, I think the real breakthrough comes when you play to your strengths and ‘out source’ the things that that are better and faster done by those with the right skills.
    The whole ‘build the list’ think is a major challenge, but again you cover that really well in your blog, and the advice to put your customers needs first is so vitally important in building that list.
    I really found your article helpful. Many thanks. Tony from TonyandTanyaOnline

    • Dan Craig

      Reply Reply February 3, 2017

      Hey Tony and Tanya. Thanks for leaving your comment. My 99% statistic comes from working with numerous coaches/mentors over the last couple of years and there seems to be a recurring theme. It seems to be nature of this industry that people don’t stick with it until the end and sometimes they give up right at the pivotal moment where the results are just around the corner.I haven’t found a website with statistics on it, this is purely my own observations, speaking to people at events and numerous very successful people online who have all given me this stat (give or take).

      It’s great that you have someone to hold you accountable but, and i’m just speaking from my own experience, the best person to hold you accountable is yourself. If you NEVER let yourself off the hook when you haven’t got a task complete then you will always get the work done. (I’ve got some videos lined up on this topic so stay tuned)

      I definitely agree with outsourcing. I outsource lots of things like graphic design etc etc but this can also be somewhat of a minefield if you choose the wrong outsourcers which can cause you to waste valuable time and for people on a strict budget it isn’t an option. But I do agree with you.

      Thanks for stopping by, be sure to pop back and check out my future videos

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