The #1 Myth About Choosing A Niche

Whether you are going into digital marketing as an affiliate marketer or a product creator the most important part of the process is choosing which niche you are going to target.

You could have the most killer product, the most hypnotic sales copy and thousands to throw at pay-per-click but if no-one is interested in what you’re promoting then you’re dead in the water.

Not only does there need to be a decent amount of people in your niche, they also need to be willing to part with their money.

The biggest mistake that most marketers make when choosing what niche to go into is trying to use their ‘common sense’ or what ‘seems to be a good idea’. Or they hear that the more obscure the niche the better as you will have less competition.

The truth is the best niche to get started in is one that is already proven to be profitable. Find out where the money is already being spent and put yourself in front of it.

The number one myth in choosing a niche is being weary of competition. Don’t be afraid of too much competition, if there are multiple sellers already in your market this is good for three reasons.

  1. This proves there is money to be made selling/promoting products in this market
  2. You won’t run out of products/services to promote to your list
  3. The competition can become your JV partners.

Think about it. If they are already selling in your niche they more than likely have a good following and they could promote your products and services to their lists. (when you decide to create your own)

If no-body is selling in a niche you are thinking of targeting, there’s probably a good reason for that.

So how do you find out whether or not people are buying in your niche or not?

Go to the Clickbank marketplace and search for your keywords. Clickbank is the biggest retailer of digital products on the internet and you can filter your results by ‘gravity’. The higher the ‘gravity’ the more sales that product is making.

Another great place is JVzoo.

Although this is only really useful if you are in the digital marekting niche.

Inside your dashboard click on the ‘affiliates’ tab and then ‘find products’ and you will get a list of the top selling products on JVzoo. You can also see what are the top selling products have been today, yesterday, the past 7 days and the past 30 days.

If you see a product selling well consistently then thats a good indicator of a good niche.

Check out This tells you what the public are interested and spending money on. Check out the front page and see what topics are being covered, these are going to be the most popular and the ones that they think will sell the best. Also check out the ‘best sellers’ section this shows you what magazines are selling the most each and every month. You will get some great niche ideas from just these three places.


If you have any more niche research ideas feel free to comment below


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