‘Sorry Love, I Thought You Were The Cleaner’

A few years ago (back in my gas engineer sub-contracting days) I was called to carry out some servicing work at a mansion house on a very prestigious private housing estate.

The estate was St Georges Hill in Weybridge, Surrey in the south of England. (google it and you’ll see just how prestigious I mean)

This house was the kind that had you drooling just driving up the driveway.

I circled the huge fountain out the front of the house,parked up and knocked on the 10ft solid oak front door.

This very average looking, short northern woman answered the door wearing an apron and she invited me in.

‘Are the owners around?’

‘I am the owner’ she replied

‘Sorry Love, I thought you were the cleaner’

I was very embarrassed when I discovered this was actually her house. But we both had a laugh about it.

As it turns out she was a very nice, down-to-earth kind of woman. (Not the ‘look-down-their-nose at the scruffy gas man type which I’d seen a lot on this estate)

We got chatting ( I was there a while as she had 7 boilers and 4 gas fires that I was there to service. This gives you an idea of how big this house was) and I had to ask what her husband did for a living.

I was in my early stages on becoming obsessed with making myself rich so if I could learn anything from someone who owned a multi-million pound house like this I was all ears.

‘He’s got his own accountancy firm’ she replied. ‘But he has had clients such as Coca-Cola and other billion-pound companies so he makes a fortune’

Well. I’m not going to be training to be an accountant any time soon so there was no sparks of enthusiasm going off.

On entering the 5 car wide garage to service one of the boilers I noticed his £150,000 Ferrari parked practically underneath the boiler.

‘Any chance you can move his car?’ I asked her. (not wanting to risk even dropping a spec of dust on it)

‘I can’t he takes the keys with him to work and he’s not back until Saturday (the day was Tuesday).

‘He goes to work on Sunday evenings as he works in London and he stays there all week in an apartment and comes home on Saturday evenings then Sunday night he’s off again’

Apparently this is how it had been for some years.

His wife openly admitted to me that she hated the house, hated the area and was looking to move back to her home town (with or without him).

Now this guy had 3 children and his wife at home. He was hugely successful and clearly had a ridiculous work ethic but what price had all this come at.

None of his family saw hide nor hair of him for 6 days of the week. She was becoming resentful and you can bet your bottom dollar he won’t be winning any father of the year awards.

Moral of the story-

Don’t forget the people who are most important in your life when you are trying to start out in affiliate marketing. Time is your most valuable commodity and we all have a finite amount of it.

You can disappear into affiliate marketing oblivion trying to figure this stuff out alone and before you know it, you’ve lost a few years and your kids have forgotten who you are.

Don’t let that happen to you.

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To your success as an affiliate

Dan Craig


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