Silent killer made me do it

Back in 2001 I decided my
life needed a serious turn-around.

I was 19 years old, working a dead-end job at
a tyre-fitting shop. I had no money,
no assets and absolutely NO idea
where my life was going.

After a lengthy ‘what are you
going to do’ conversation with my
dad i decided to follow in his footsteps
and become a gas heating engineer.

At the start of 2003 I enrolled in my
apprenticeship with the largest Gas
company in the UK.

On our induction we were made aware
of the aspect of safety. Obviously working
on gas appliances carries great responsibility
and we were given talk after talk about
how potentially ‘dangerous’ gas appliances
can be.

Initially I thought they were telling me stuff
that I already knew. But then one ‘horror’ story
really woke me up.

In the winter of 1996 a family were having
lots of trouble with their boiler.

The company I worked for had been out multiple
times but it just kept breaking down.

Some parts were ordered but were taking a long time
to arrive so every time the boiler stopped working an engineer
was called in make another ‘temporary repair’.

The family were obviously getting frustrated so one morning
when again the boiler didn’t come on the guy decided he would try and
fix it himself.

He had watched the engineer a couple of times and took note
of what he did to get it working. All he had done was remove the front cover
re-lit the pilot at the back and hey presto the boiler came back to life.

So the guy thought he would have a go himself and illegally removed the
cover and re-lit the pilot.

This is when the disaster happened.

He did manage to get the boiler working but what he didn’t do was
re-fit the front cover

So he left deadly carbon monoxide, the silent killer, spilling out of every side of the case.

That night the boiler killed his wife, both his children and he ended up
seriously injured in a decompression chamber. But he actually ended up

He now has to live with what he did every single day.

That story was in the forefront of my mind every time I went into
a customer’s house. I knew that if I made one mistake it could
potentially cost someone their life.

This is partly why I decided to step away from gas work altogether, I couldn’t
bear the constant paranoia of thinking ‘did i miss something at my last job’
and I eventually started to resent the work. So I turned to the internet, well more
specifically affiliate marketing.

Thankfully the affiliate marketing arena doesn’t carry such a heavy responsibility.

let me ask you.

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