Ready, Steady, Go. The ‘Quick Start Challenge’ Commences.

I’m always up for looking for a new opportunity to expand my knowledge on affiliate marketing and ultimately try and create another income stream. One such opportunity has just come along called  ‘The Quick Start Challenge’.

It’s a program hosted by two mega successful guys based here in the UK Dean Holland and Craig Crawford. It’s four weeks of training designed to have everything set up that you need to be generating $100 a day by the end.

Now if I heard that claim from anybody else my inner skeptic would be saying ‘yeah right, here we go again’ but I have been following these guys for a good few years and they are what I consider to be two of the ‘good guys’ in this industry.

If they talk, I listen.

Unlike many of the so called ‘coaches’ out there in the I.M industry Dean and Craig not only fulfill their promises (which most don’t) they always massively over-deliver.

So when I saw this opportunity I had to grab it with both hands.

Last night was the first session, I was up until 1.30 a.m soaking up all the training and went to bed so buzzing I could barely sleep.

This session was all about the importance of having your own online presence, a place where you can start to build a following of people interested in what you’re up to and what you have to say.

You may have noticed the explosion of reality TV in recent years, people are becoming more and more fascinated with other people’s lives. Geordie Shore, T.O.W.I.E, the other one about the really posh people in London (the name escapes me) are making celebrities out of ordinary, everyday people just because they feature in a ‘reality’ TV program.

The reason for the success of these type of programs is because they seem ‘real’ and less orchestrated than normal TV. This means the viewer can better relate to the characters.

Your online presence is EXACTLY the same. People will ‘tune in’ to see what you are up to regularly.

So where’s the best place to start building an online presence? A blog of course.

A Blog (short for web-log) is like your ‘online journal’, a place where you can post what you’re up to, what success you have achieved, what hasn’t worked out so well, even stuff about your personal life. The more you share with your followers , the more they will feel like they ‘know you’. This is of paramount importance when starting out online.

Admittedly this is something I have been lacking in, I do send out good content on this blog which has my personality injected into it but I don’t  talk much about my personal life. Bits and bobs here and there, but not enough.

I want my readers to be able to relate to me, to let you know that if you are struggling to make a success online I know EXACTLY how you feel.

Next session of ‘The Quick Start Challenge’ is next Tuesday 29th,  so I have a full week to implement all the steps from session one which was ‘set up your blog’

So I’m obviously slightly ahead of the game so far. I’ll keep you updated with how it goes.

I’m super-pumped for the next session, let’s do this!!!




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