My Uncensored Opinion On Bitcoin


I know, I know. I’m gona get some heat for this one.


Unless you have been hiding under a desk with no phone and your fingers in your ears for the last few years
you’ve undoubtedly heard about the not-so-new Bitcoin ‘fad’


If you’re like me, your Facebook newsfeed is probablybombarded every 5 minutes by some clown
boasting about how much their ‘cryptocurrency’
has just doubled in value since yesterday.


“I just made $583.07 on bitcoin by doing nothing but sitting on my arse, comment ‘i’m stupid’
in the comments below.”


My newsfeed is full of them.

However the funny trend I’m seeing is the people
who are posting this are selling bitcoin related
products not bitcoin itself.

So what does that tell you?

They have found a hungry market and they are creating
products and services to sell to that market.

Smart move.

But I wonder how many actually invest in bitcoin themselves.

Probably not many.

Want my opinion you didn’t ask for?

Bitcoin is the largest ‘bullshit bubble’ I have ever seen and when it bursts
it’s gona take a lot of people down with it.

I’ve seen guys remortgaging their houses to buy Bitcoin.

Bad move.

The ridiculous growth is imaginary and unsustainable.

Mark my words, some peeps are going to get seriously bitten in the arse
when the ‘Bitcoin ship’ hits the rocks.

So what are we to do?

How about stopping looking for the ‘magic bitcoin pill’ to make overnight
millions and stick to something that actually works.

This system reveals exactly how to get the number ONE thing
you need, if you ever want to be successful online.

The ONE thing that has eluded online and affiliate marketers since the
birth of ‘internet marketing’

If you aren’t making as much money as you would like online I guarantee this is the ONE
thing you are missing.

Get yourself over there now before you get distracted by Eastenders.(I hate that program)

Talk Soon

Dan Craig

P.S As always I love to hear your thoughts, hit me back and tell me what you
think about the ‘Bitcoin bubble’


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