My Biggest Takeaway From Matt Bacak’s 10x Email Bootcamp Event

So after an intense 2 days in London with marketing legends Matt Bacak and John Cornetta,  I have pages and pages of notes and some brand new strategies that I’ll be implementing over the coming weeks but there is ONE thing I would consider to be my biggest takeaway,

…and It wasn’t anything to do with email marketing, list building or even getting traffic.

During the event Matt and John were going through some advanced funnels they use to drive traffic from solo ads. They laid out the exact funnel and what products should be at what price points to maximise sales.

People were obviously asking questions and clarifying certain things but there was one guy who was questioning EVERYTHING. I mean he was firing questions left, right and center.

Then he asked ‘so why should x product be at $17, have you tested it at $7 or $27’ to which Matt interjected.

‘Have you got a college degree?’ he asked

A little confused this guy replies ‘I do, yeah.’

‘That’s your fucking problem’.

Matt isn’t one to mince his words.

Matt continues

‘Highly educated people are always the ones that question every little thing, but then never actually take the action’.

‘Don’t question everything we tell you, just go do it.’

‘If you want to be successful, start thinking like a high school drop-out’

‘Don’t over-think everything. Just go and do what we say, we know it works and you’ll make a ton of money.’

‘Don’t fuck with the magic formula we’re giving you, just go and do it.’

This is my biggest takeaway.

Not that I’m highly educated or anything but I do seem to have an issue with following orders regardless of who they’re from.

When people tell me what to do, especially online,  I’m always second guessing what they say.

My mind comes up with all sorts of excuses as to why, what they’re telling me won’t work. Even if they’ve proved it DOES work.

And I start to try and do it ‘my way’ to prove people wrong. Thinking about it now, it’s absolute madness.

The problem could’ve been where I have bought crappy products with out-dated information in the past, that actually didn’t work even when I followed them to the letter, this may have ‘sub-consciously’ destroyed faith in any other coach or mentor I have worked with.

I’m just guessing of course.

Maybe this resonates with you?

Go back over some of the training/coaching/mentoring you have done in the past and really ask yourself ‘did I do what I was told?’ ‘Did I follow the system to the letter?’

and if you didn’t, WHY didn’t you?

Ok, let’s test it out.

Grab your overalls and get over here

Do EXACTLY what I say to do and see your FIRST commission cheque within 30 days or less.

But be prepared to roll up your sleeves and put some work in. This isn’t some get-rich-tomorrow-by-clicking-3-buttons bullshit

Remember. Do what I say to the letter. Without questioning anything.

Once you’ve seen your first commission, hit me up and let me know.

Talk soon


P.S Follow this system to the letter and see your first commission cheque in 30 days or less

here’s the link again  

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