Me And My 26 Kids

I don’t think I’ve ever been so enraged.

I don’t watch a lot of TV but something was
on earlier today that caught my attention
and not in a good way.

It was called ‘me and my 26 kids’

It was about some of the biggest families
in Britain who live off benefits.

Now I’m not judging anyone (much).

There are some legitimate people
who genuinely need help, who work hard

but also get support from the government.

That I’m all for.


When some waster who has never worked
a day in his life who has,wait for it, 26 children

and claims benefits to the tune of around £50k
a year.

That’s more than what most people earn working

their arses off full time.

That really makes my blood boil.

He wasn’t the worst one though.

Some other scumbag, who had 14 children, was complaining

that the council had only given him a 7 bedroom house
with 2 wetrooms and an extra bathroom.

They actually spent £60k on refurbing

it to accommodate his ridiculously

super-sized family.

He said ‘that will have to do I suppose,
not ideal but it’ll do.’

And he and his wife claim around £80k

per year in benefits.

Angry face emoji just doesn’t cover it.

The thing about this that REALLY fries my onions

is every single one of them families say….

‘It’s nothing to do with anyone else if we want to have

a big family so you can all keep your opinions to yourself’

You’re right it isn’t anything to do with us.
Only we’re the
ones that are paying for it.

I couldn’t care less if they had a hundred children,
that’s their choice
but THEY should have to pay for them.

If you can’t feed ’em, don’t breed ’em


I can’t get over the mentality of these people.
They seem to
think the world owes them a living
just because they
choose to knock out sprogs
left, right and center.

‘why should our kids go without?’ they whine

Because you chose to have so bloody

They should be sterilised after 3.

So what’s the point of my
endless rant.

Well it’s kind of like some of
the people in

They do hardly any work. Slap
up some half-arsed blog and

Facebook posts.

Follow a few people
on Twitter and Instagram.

Then just throw out affiliate links
to everyone and just expect
heavens to open and just rain down
cash at them.

They can’t even be bothered
to write their own emails,
use everybody else’s swipes.

The good thing is, unlike the pond-life
benefit scroungers,
the lazy affiliates
won’t make sweet F.A from their bone idle


Which gives affiliates like you and me more
of a chance to clean up.

The ones who know it takes hard work and
dedication to crack it in this game.

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Or you could sit at home and pump
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and claim £80k a year from the government.

Talk soon



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