It’s Time To Get Serious

sold_signOk so that’s it. The house has finally sold. The nightmare is over. No longer do I have to wake up at 5am and commute 2 hours to work every day. If you have read my previous posts on this blog you will know exactly what I am banging on about. If you haven’t I will enlighten you. (short version I promise)

Earlier this year my partner and I decided to sell our house but rather than doing the usual thing couples of our age do (bigger house, bigger mortgage, work like a dog to pay for it all) we chose a different path.

We have completely relocated and moved into rented accomodation. Using the equity from our sale for 2 things. 1) I am pretty much pulling the shutters down on my central heating company and focussing whole-heartedly on digital marketing. 2) Investing in more Buy-To-Let property.

I have realised the biggest reason for me NOT achieving the success online as I would have liked thus far is TIME.

My heating company has had me working 12-14 hour days for the last few years and to be honest I’ve had enough.

So This is my stake going in the ground. This is me announcing publicly my earning goals for the next 6 months.

By the 27th of May 2017 (6 months from today) I WILL be making at least $5000 per month.

No ifs,buts or maybes.

I have enough knowledge, support and drive to make this a reality but I’m sick of just ‘dipping my toe’ into this digital marketing thing.

Now I am fully aware most people reading this (even some that are already successful) will be shaking their heads thinking ‘not another public declaration that won’t amount to shit’

All I have to say is ‘Watch out I’m coming

I have also had numerous, lengthy conversations with well-meaning friends and family members trying desperately to talk me out of it.

‘It’ll never work.’, ‘you’re crazy’, ‘you are shutting down a successful company for a pipe-dream’.

I just quote Nicola Adams (the first female boxing olympic champion)

‘Tell me I can’t and that’s why I will’

Anyways, better get on

Shit’s about to get real.

Feel free to comment below

Tell me how crazy you think I am.

Catch you soon



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