I Passed…

Back in March 2016 I was
put through one of the most grueling tests that I’ve ever had to go through.

For six months I trained 2 hours a night, 4 times a week.

Hard to stick to when you work full time and have two young kids.

So what was I training for?

My black belt test.

I train in ‘Choi Kwang Do’ A Korean martial art.

The test is 4 hours of speed drills, hand and foot techniques, fitness and power tests.

No matter how many times I had practiced, nerves did seem to get the better of me.

After I had completed the test, I gave it a break for a while.( a break from testing anyway)

Until last week, when I decided to start testing again and I went for my ‘yellow tag’.

This is the first grade up from plain black belt but actually testing AS a black belt is massively different from coloured belt.

The instructors are much more stringent, your footwork needs to be spot on, you have to use ALL your techniques.

You really have to step your game up.
But I like a challenge.

Now I’ve set myself a target of getting to my 2nd degree black belt.

It’s going to take a couple of years but I’ll get there.

Pretty much like the first test I will have to practice ALL the techniques, train consistently and always look to improve.

It’s exactly like internet marketing.

Dipping in and out twice and week and treating it like a hobby will get you NO measurable results.

Don’t do what most people do.

They build a Facebook page but never upload anything.

They build a Youtube channel but never record a video

They build a blog but never post on it.

Half-arsed attempts like this will see your Paypal account emptier than a politician’s promise .

If you wanna learn EXACTLY  what the ‘big boys’ are doing to crush it online then you need to be rubbing shoulders with them.


See you on the inside

Dan Craig

P.S If you wanna stop being a ‘white belt affiliate’ you gotta discover what the ‘black belts’ are doing.

Come and train with the ‘seniors’ below


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