How To Make $1000 Without Using Your Forehead As A Billboard

You don’t have to be an affiliate
marketer to bank a big,fat 4
figure cheque.There are numerous things you could do.You could turn your forehead into a billboard.

I read about a girl from Salt Lake City
who sold ‘ad space’ on her forehead
for $10,000 on Ebay.

(words fail me)

An online casino won and she actually
tattooed their company logo on her forehead.

You could become a test monkey for
a big pharmaceutical company and let them
feed you pills that aren’t ‘approved’ and give you
a blood test every hour.

you’ll probably have medical problems for life,
not recommended.)

You could start your own cuddling agency.


There’s some woman in N.Y selling
cuddles for $60 a hour.(cuddling strangers,
no thanks)

You could take to the streets with your
‘gat’ and start crack slinging (not advised)

Or you could get your ass over here…

Big Commission Blueprint

and learn the proper way to do it.

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