Dolly Needs To Say Sorry

My children never cease to
make me laugh

As it’s the school holidays my house
is regularly filled with up to 7 howling
kids at any one time.

Yesterday I was working
in my home office when
I heard very loud screams coming
from the back garden.

Lauren was already out there supervising but
nevertheless I was up from my desk and in the
garden quicker than a guy who’s just had his ‘4 minute warning’

All the the kids were standing in a circle
around Dolly our inherited cat (that’s another
story) while she proceeded to swing around a grass
snake she had found.

She had already bitten the tail off and she was now
having the time of her life throwing it in the air.

We manged to separate Dolly with said snake, she ran away
and we all gathered to see the snake struggling to cling onto
the last few seconds of it’s life.

With this, my 4 year old Poppy has exclaimed ‘Right, that’s it’
and marched off in Dolly’s direction.

She then picked Dolly up, marched her back over to where the
mangled snake was fighting for breathe and said, none too gently.

‘Dolly that was very naughty, you have to say sorry to the poor


I don’t think the most meaningful of apology was going to
help this poor guy in any way.

After the snake had finally ‘passed on’ we decided to bury
it in the garden.

The same way you need to bury some of YOUR old ideas
about affiliate marketing.

To be successful DOES take work

To be successful DOES take dedication

You won’t make millions overnight
like some of the ‘gurus’ have told you

You need to erase that from your mental

But if you follow a PROVEN system….

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Then the rewards are plentiful.

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