Is Your Content Killing Your Business?

Whether you are a blogger, product creator, affiliate marketer or copywriter there is one thing you all NEED in your business.

Great Content.

Your business is only as good as the content you put out. If your content sucks your business will die quicker than an iPhone battery.

So the next thing you really want to think about is researching your content.

Here’s how NOT to do it.

Spend half an hour reading random blogs in your niche, check what Wikipedia says and regurgitate that information.

Not only could it be factually incorrect you could end up in serious hot water battling copyright court cases.

So how do you research great content?

Use Credible Sources

Any Tom, Dick or Sally can throw up a website and fill it to the brim with their own content. In fact surveys have shown an average of 140,000 websites have been created and uploaded EVERY DAY and I would bet my bottom dollar that only a fraction of these are by ‘experts’.

You need to research from people who you KNOW with 100% certainty to be a person of authority. If I was in the parenting niche I would look up ‘Jo frost supernanny’ or if I was in the cooking niche I would look up Jamie Oliver. Researching from known experts seems obvious but you can be fooled into thinking someone is an expert when they’re not. You would be surprised how many people ‘think’ they know their stuff and look very convincing.

Use Multiple Sources

Researching from just one source is a mistake because you won’t get the overall picture of the topic you are researching. The original creator could have left bits of information out and you won’t even realise if you haven’t done enough research. You also run the risk of sounding like the ONE person you are researching from.

Use at least 5 or 6 CREDIBLE sources to gain a good understanding you can then create content from scratch and not risk sounding like anybody else. You will see common themes and overlapping information which, as long as your sources are credible, you can take as fact.

If you did a google search for ‘3 facts about losing belly fat’ and multiple CREDIBLE (there’s that word again) sources were telling you that banana’s were bad for shedding the gut fat then you could take that as factually correct. (obviously that’s just an example please don’t quote me as a weight loss expert).

Separate Fact From Opinion

Be careful when using blogs for your research as these are generally just full of the blog owner’s opinions. Try and look for credible sources the original creators have used to back up their claims, if they reference another site go and check it out.

Interview experts.

This is a great way to get content ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’. You don’t need to rely on content you find online that could be in multiple different places, ¬†you will be getting fresh, up-to-date content direct from the expert. This can save you a lot of time and guarantee to be good quality.

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