Another EPIC fail.

Things seem to be ticking over nicely since I made the changes with my free-giveaway. If you didn’t see my previous post I recommend you check it out  I have subscribers joining my list every day and I’m making sales of my own products and affiliate promotions, all feedback so far has been great.

However I did make one extremely epic mistake this week.

In my Aweber account I have numerous lists that I have built over the past couple of years which have come from various traffic sources and used various free giveaways. I haven’t ‘nurtured’ them lists as well as I should have so they have become less responsive. As a result I decided to have a ‘clean up’, transfer them all onto one list an run a new campaign asking them to re opt-in to my new list. This will re-engage any subscribers that do opt-in and any that don’t I will just delete. Having non-responsive subscribers on your list just costs you money so it’s best to cut the dead-wood and get rid of them.

I exported all the names and emails into a spreadsheet from the various lists, created a new list inside Aweber and uploaded them all. This allowed me to delete all the old lists making my Aweber account look a bit cleaner and will bring my autoresponder costs down.

I haven’t had a chance to write the ‘re-engagement’ campaign yet so I thought I would email the ‘old lists’ same as usual with a promotion in the mean-time.

This is where the epic fail came in.

Little did I realise that I had exported all the names and emails of people that had already unsubscribed from me over the past couple of years and uploaded them onto the new list.

I only realised after I had hit ‘send’ and all of a sudden I received a mountain of complaints and the most unsubscribes that I’ve ever seen.


If anyone is reading this that received an unwanted email from me I do apologise, it was a genuine mistake. I wasn’t spamming you. I thought about sending out an apology email but that might rile people even more.

Now I’ve got to delete that lists and start the process all over again.

Oh well. Lesson learned. When exporting your email lists, make sure you are only exporting current subscribers, NOT anyone who has unsubscribed.

Apart from that business is going well. Regular sales and affiliate commissions coming in, one big thing I have discovered this week is the need for a ‘strategy’.

Sounds obvious right? But so many people don’t do it (including myself until recently) they just open the laptop and after staring at a blank screen for a while post a bit on Facebook, share some stuff on Twitter then watch some Youtube videos that are loosely related to your market and think they’ve been productive.

If you don’t have a strategy, you are pretty much just pissing in the wind.

Look out for my next post where I’ll outline the strategy I’m using to get results.

I love to hear your comments , leave one below telling me an epic fail you have had (if your brave enough)

If your not then just a comment is fine.

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