4 Essential Skills Every Online Marketer NEEDS To Learn

Starting out as an online marketer can be a daunting and overwhelming process. So many things to learn, so many different skills you need to master. Sometimes it can feel like your drowning in ‘tasks’ with no clear direction and no idea where you are going.

My online ‘success’ has been more up and down than a kangaroo in mating season. I’ve tried absolutely everything at one time or another.Affiliate marketing, product creation, CPA, blogging, Adwords, Youtube, Facebook Ads, I could go on, but you would be reading this all day.

I wasted thousands of dollars, thousands of hours and a lot of my sanity trying to piece this internet marketing ‘puzzle’ together but one thing I’ve learnt is ‘focusing on ONE thing at a time’ is absolutely paramount to your success. 

The key is to create your strategy, put 100% of your efforts into that strategy with relentless persistence and DO NOT quit until you make it work.

That’s it!

‘So what strategy should I follow?’ I hear you cry. Well that’s what I’m going to reveal in this blog post.

As the title suggests there are 4 essential skills you HAVE to master to become successful. Everything you do online should fall into at least ONE of these areas, if something you’re doing doesn’t then you need to drop it.

Essential Skill 1-Traffic

Without traffic NOTHING happens. You could have the most revolutionary product, the most amazing service. Hell, you could be giving away an ATM that spits out gold bricks but if no-body gets to see or hear about it, it’s useless.

I break traffic down into 2 types. PAID and TIME invested traffic. I don’t use the word ‘FREE’ anymore as there is no such thing, all traffic will cost you something. You should not try and utilise every single traffic method out there all at the same time, this will cause you to spread yourself too thin and ultimately lead to no results.

Instead choose one paid and one time invested method and focus solely on them only. Laser in on both of your chosen traffic sources until you are an expert at them. Once you’ve mastered them, then you can move onto other methods.

Essential Skill 2- List Building

Before you start to drive traffic, you should know exactly where to drive your traffic to. You DON’T want to be sending traffic direct to affiliate offers (a huge mistake I made in my early days) because once the visitor has clicked on your link and ends up on the sales page they are gone forever. Instead focus on sending all your traffic to some form of opt-in page (squeeze page) where you ‘ethically bribe’ your visitor for their contact information.

Your email list will become your biggest asset so start building it from day one.

Essential Skill 3- Following Up

If you take nothing else from this blog post, remember this ‘The fortune is in the follow up’. If you aren’t following up with your subscribers you will NEVER make consistent money online. There are a portion of people who opt-in to your list who are ready to buy straight away, so if presented with an affiliate offer immediately after opting in, they will buy.

However the majority will take some convincing and this is where your follow up comes in.

Mastering ’email marketing’ will be one of the most lucrative skills you can have, get it right and you can practically ‘write your own cheques’ get it wrong, when you press ‘send’ instead of your online cash register ringing, all you’ll hear is *crickets* 

As blindingly obvious as it seems, a lot of marketers don’t follow up with their prospects. Don’t be one of them.

Essential Skill 4- Finding Products To Promote

I would love to say, ‘every product in clickbank and JVzoo are awesome and you can promote any one you want’ but I wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight if I did.

The sad fact is 90% of the products online (especially in the MMO and IM niches) are total garbage. ‘Instant Push Button Overnight Cash Machine Riches’ seems to be the common theme in our industry, the harsh reality is if a product promises to ‘make you rich without doing any work’ I guarantee it will be complete B.S.

Promoting stuff like this to your new-ly built list will destroy any relationship you have with your subscribers. As strange as it seems, it’s not usually the vendor of these B.S products that your subscriber will vent their anger at, it’s you. Just for recommending it.

Research your products and vendors carefully, one wrong promotion can ruin any ‘good-will’ you have built with your subscribers and your bank account will be emptier than a politician’s promise

It can take years to build a good reputation an an affiliate marketer and ONE wrong promotion to destroy it

So now you know the 4 key areas you have to master to ‘make it’ as an affiliate marketer, but I bet you’re thinking ‘what do I do now?’

Well, I’ve got you covered

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