Long Commutes, Disneyland and Lying Be’atches

So. This is the story thus far.

We have moved house. My daughter has got into our first choice of local school which Lauren and I were really made up about. ¬†We have just come back from 10 days in France, 4 of which were in Disneyland which both my girls absolutely loved ( my wallet didn’t though) so everything seemed to be going to plan. Except one thing.

The sale of my house fell through at the last minute.

Our buyer had been stringing us along for weeks with promises of ‘exchanging any day’ but little did we know that she had lost her buyer for her house. So she thought the best course of action was to lie.(bitch)

Now. I had two choices. I could either give up the rental property that we found and wait until we found another buyer for my house. Or we could move anyway and I would have to stay working on the gas business until we found another buyer. (this does mean commuting from the south coast to south London most days and concentrating on my online business on days off and evenings)

To be honest the first option wasn’t really an option. Lauren had her heart set on the area and on the house we found so I couldn’t turn round and say no now could I?

Today is the first day I have traveled up in rush hour and I’m telling you It’s no picnic.

But, every cloud has a silver lining. This has placed some more urgency on me to get my arse in gear and get my online business up, running and most importantly profitable.

I have just done a 13 hour day, I’ve come home, put the kids to bed and I’m straight on the computer.

No doubt it will be another dose of ‘keyboard face’ tonight.

Let’s crack on

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