How To Stop Your Youtube Channel Feeling Like A Ghost Town

3 Tips For Ranking Your YouTube Videos

So you know full well that you should be using Youtube to promote yourself or your business online but have you ever uploaded a video to Youtube, gone back and checked your stats two weeks later and found it’s only got 3 views? ( and 2 of them were yours).

Trying to get eyeballs on your videos can seem like an impossible task. With 5 Billion (yes with a B) videos being played EVERY DAY and over 300 hours of content being uploaded every minute, how are you supposed to get your videos seen by anybody?

There are numerous things you can do to get your videos ranking in Youtube and Google search results, here’s 3 quick tips to get you started.

1. Video Views Isn’t The Only Ranking Factor Anymore

YouTube originally ranked a video based on the number of views it had alone. This, however, has changed recently and other factors are also considered now. The number of views a video has is still considered when YouTube’s algorithm ranks a specific video, but their algorithm also looks at the number of comments and likes the video has. They also take the average play time of a video (how long the average user watches the video before closing or moving on to another video) into account, as well as the amount of times the video was shared on social media networks. Making a video more engaging and more interesting can result in users watching it until the end, commenting, liking and sharing more.

2. Keywords Are Also Important For Videos

A lot of businesses perform keyword research and implement advanced on-page SEO strategies on their website. This is a great way to boost the rankings of a website. At the same time, many of these businesses fail to acknowledge the fact that keywords are important for their videos as well. You should always do some keyword research before posting a video. Include a focus keyword in the video’s filename, the video’s title, tags and also mention the keyword a couple of times in the description. All of these will help the “on-page SEO” of the video on YouTube and will help Google determine what keyword(s) your video should rank for.

3. Promote Your Own Video

Even though YouTube doesn’t only consider views when ranking videos anymore, gaining more exposure for your Video through manual promotion means more people will like, comment and share your video – these are metrics that will help your video reach a higher rank and obtain more organic traffic. There are many ways in which you can promote your own video. Start by sharing the video on your own social media profiles after uploading it to YouTube – make sure you use YouTube’s built-in share function when sharing the video. You can also share your videos in Facebook Groups and Google Plus Communities, as well as post them to other video channels and link back to their URL on YouTube.

Final Words

Video is the future of internet marketing. It provides a customer or visitor with an easier way to obtain information related to your brand and product. It is also an easier way to express certain emotions and to provide a visual presentation of what your business can offer another business or a consumer. Utilizing video marketing as part of any digital marketing plan has become essential and if you’re not doing it yet, then you need start now. According to recent surveys 80% of ALL internet traffic will be driven directly from video, so make sure you don’t get left behind.


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