3 Bullshit Ways To Make Money Online

Ok. I gotta get this off my chest.
Recently I’m seeing umpteen ‘make money online’ strategies being thrown around Fakebook (no, that’s not mis-spelled)being passed off as ‘legit’ when they are no more than outdated, rehashed garbage 

I’m serious. Some of the Ball-sheet I’m seeing? I can’t believe it’sbeing passed off as real.

Lets run through a couple-

1) Using auto-bot software to spam Facebook groups with affiliate offers
I don’t think anyone in the history of the internet has grossed dollar one with this one.

Ever wonder why the same people who promote their ‘get rich using my secret software in a nanasecond’ posts are the same mofo’s commenting ‘info’ and ‘show me how’ on everyone elses.

It’s because it DOESN’T work and will more than likely get you banned from said groups.

Wake up people

2) Posting obscene amounts of ‘free content’ on social media

This is actually one I fell for. ‘If I spend all my time giving away free content, people will begin to know me, like me and trust me. Eventually they will be falling over themselves to give me money’.


All you do is attract hostile, bottom-feeding freebie seekers. Who, when you try to sell them anything, start hurling insults and reacting like you’ve just slapped their mother.

3) Bitcoin or any other crypto shite.

(we all know how that one ended)

I get slightly enraged when I see ‘less-than-ethical’marketer’s pushing these types of  ‘strategies’. 

If you’ve tried any or all of the above and ended up with a hole in your bank account and a sore head from banging it against a wall. Don’t feel bad.

I’ve been there.

But all is not lost.

There IS a legit way to generate a full time income online which you don’t needa degree in computer science to figure out.

It’s the fastest and easiest way to start hitting 4 figure paydays without spending hours and hours staring at your laptop.

Now, just to pre-warn you there IS some work involved.


I know, the dreaded ‘W’ word.

But you can dedicate just a small amount of time every day, you WILL see results quickly.

Come check out this 100% F’REE training and discover exactly how it’s done


All the best


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