Why I Must Be The 50 Billion Dollar Man’s lovechild

Ok I gotta admit, I probably spend a little too much time surfing Youtube.

(NOT watching cat videos, I might add)

One guy who’s videos I’m kinda addicted to is Dan Pena AKA the 50 billion dollar man.

Probably the most straight talking, best high performance coach walking the planet today

I swear to god I love this guy.

To say he calls a spade, a spade is an understatement
We’ve gotta be related somehow

He runs a seminar a few times a year at the ‘castle’ in Scotland where he livesand he films little snippets and uploads them to Youtube.

A whole room full of semi-successful ,and some broke wannabe, entrepreneurs pay Dan 20 grand a pop to be verbally abused by him for 7 days.

I was enjoying a Fursty Ferret ale ,getting my daily dose of ‘Dan abuse’ when he said something that hit me like a ton of bricks.

He yelled at his attendees….

‘you think you want this but you’re just pretending’

‘and you in this room who have paid to be here are just pretending a bit more than the nimrods watching on Youtube’

(bit harsh Dan)

But it got me thinking

why is it 98% of the whole ‘make money online’ industry never make a single dime?

Not enough information? (are you kidding?)

Don’t know where to start? (try the beginning)

Can’t get motivated to take action?


and this is the point.

Most people SAY they want to ‘make it’ online

They buy all the books and are always in your face on social media telling you how they’re gonna ‘crush it’

but when it comes to taking action,  it’s a very different story

They can’t even spare an hour to attend a webinar that reveals everything they need to generate a full-time income online.

Like Dan said… 

‘If I had a gun in your mother’s mouth and told you to come up with 20 grand by Friday, you would find the 20 grand’

IF you REALLY wanted to be successful online….

…you find a way to make the webinar.

Let me ask you.

Are you pretending with this whole online business thing?

Or are you serious?

I’ve got 2 links in this email.

One for the pretenders and one for the serious

This one’s for the serious

Go here if you’re serious about starting an online business

For the pretenders, see the unsubscribe link at the bottom



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